Saturday, July 2, 2011

here and there.

some of these pictures are kind of crazy, I was playing around with iphoto today.. so fun.  these were my first local strawberries of the year and oh my goodness they were delicious. I might have to buy a whole flat of them next week- grocery store strawberries from california just don't even compare.

yesterday was a nice balance between relaxing and productivity.  on the productivity front- I whipped up some double banana chocolate chip oatmeal breakfast bars for girls night and got all my ingredients organized for my guacamole! also did some more researching and preparation for hawaii.  if anyone has tips or awesome things to see or do on oahu, please let me know!!

pre-baking goodness.

who knew vegan could be so good! mmmm..

hope everyone had a great canada day- I absolutely love this country and couldn't imagine living(permanently) anywhere else.

I love the mountains...

and the lakes...

and the amazing beaches..

we live in the best place ever.
I'm off to start my busy weekend with a zumba class! wishing everyone lots of rest and relaxation this weekend!

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