Sunday, July 3, 2011


what a wonderful weekend with the girls.  we had lots of laughs over wine and a vegan feast! brooke organized a clothing swap which was such a hoot! oh my goodness, just when I thought I couldn't laugh any harder(I had already cried from laughing so hard at this point in the evening).  we all took pictures in some ridiculous outfits.. this sweater for instance, that makes me look about twice my size. 

I don't think pink is my colour..

brooke managed to scrounge up some mens boxers.. good score friend!! :) just kidding- those went straight to the donate pile.

who's are these?? haha

 emma, brooke's ball of energy, got in on the fun too..

emma wasn't a fan of this shirt.

brooke and court strutting their stuff.. regardless of all these not-so-fashionable finds, all of us did manage to walk away with a couple good scores!

nice hat court!! :)

what a good time!! each of us brought some vegan items to contribute to our dinner feast.  I made guacamole and oatmeal banana breakfast bars.  other items included, pita and hummus(all homemade- yay court), kale chips and a massive fruit plate that we just devoured.

our dessert (not vegan).. amanda made these delicious little frozen yogurt cups with fruit. mmm delicious.

photo source: brooke

hope everyone had a great weekend! mine went by way too fast.