Monday, July 25, 2011

my new home.

yesterday, I arrived at my new home for the next 6 weeks.  after unpacking all my stuff and meeting the majority of the other students, I felt relief and my nerves passed.  I am really excited to be here- such a gorgeous place! yesterday there wasn't anything on the agenda so we all just hung out, went for a few walks and chatted away.  the other students are pretty awesome.  

we had orientation today, getting to know the station, the safety aspects and our way around the campus.

here are a couple photos from a quick visit to the whale lab...

grey whale skeleton(and some others)

gumboot chiton.
it is definitely going to be nice to not have to cook dinner every night- having food all prepared for you is really convenient especially when the course really picks up.  I can say that I will miss baking and when I'm home I will be anxious to get back in the kitchen!

I'm also looking forward to exploring some of the area(a few girls have cars that we can bum rides from)- there are some gorgeous beaches that I can't wait to check out.  there are boats that we can sign out as well so we can do a lot of exploring.  I think we have 3 snorkelling expeditions planned on the surrounding islands, which I am so so SO excited about.  I will try to keep everyone updated as best I can but things are going to get crazy.  

miss everyone already!! love you all.


  1. Glad you have gotten settled already! I hope we get to see you this weekend! Miss you!!

  2. Sounds marvelous - you are a lucky girl. M

  3. yayyy i'm so excited for you! :)

    ps what the hell is a gumboot chiton?? hahaha i hope you don't eat that thing...