Thursday, July 21, 2011

thursday thought.

meg shared this quote with me a few weeks back and I thought it was perfect to share with all of you as well!

*in order to make anything a reality, you have to dream about it first. --adora svitak

so true.  my esthetician that works from her home once showed me her "vision board".  she made a huge collage years ago of all of things she wanted in this life- and now, those things have all come together for her.  she shares with me her little secrets to her success and happiness and she really believes that things will always work out of if you are optimistic and believe in yourself.  an extremely valuable lesson! sometimes you have to let things happen as they happen and you may surprise yourself!

happy thursday friends! I hope to be back later today with a post about my week and blog details for when I'm away.


  1. i do love that quote! can't wait to see your vision board one day - maybe i will make one too? xox