Tuesday, July 19, 2011

confessions of a yogi.

a yogi- a person who is proficient in yoga (sounds fancy :) I like it!)

*I consider myself no expert when it comes to yoga, but I consider myself a "yogi" in the sense that I am totally all about the philosophy and practice of yoga and have no idea where I would be in this life without it!  so here it goes.. confessions of a yogi!

-I absolutely love the variation yoga has to offer- the broad spectrum of styles of yoga totally floats my boat.  on any given day there is often a style of yoga perfectly appropriate for your mood.  power yoga, vinyasa flow, yin or even simple meditation.  the mat is your oyster!

- being that I have tried several studios(in several cities), I have to say I love that you can join any studio and feel part of the community.  the yoga community is really special in that way- you instantly feel welcome. practicing with such great people often gives me an extra boost of energy just when I need it.  my current studio that I attend very frequently has the BEST community.  they are always hosting events and workshops, which is something I think is crucial for building strong relationships with the surrounding community as well as between yogis.

-some days, the last thing I feel like doing is going to yoga practice.  but somehow, I end up at the studio and by the time my practice is over I feel just fantastic.

- there is such a thing as a "yoga high" similar to a "runners high".  at least in my opinion.

-in most athletic hobbies or team sports there is always this urge to work harder, run faster, score more and win.  yoga is the complete opposite.  there is always an opportunity to further your practice and find your edge but if you aren't feeling it that day, then often you are encouraged to take it down a notch, modify your poses and simply focus on takin' it easy.  I love that I can make every practice my own by deciding where my energy level is at that day and how my body is feeling.  I think it is an important lesson to learn that you shouldn't assume that what everybody else in the class is doing is what is right for you.  yoga and ego don't get along- I would suggest leaving your ego at the door if you have one.

- yoga teachers are seriously amazing role models.  they are so inspiring and I hope I can provide this inspiration for my own class of yogis one day!

that is that.  i'm sure I will come up with confessions of a yogi part 2 in the near future.

happy tuesday! my last day of work tomorrow!

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