Saturday, July 16, 2011

a rainy run.

phew, what a busy week.  I managed to cross off the majority of my to-do list which has been a serious relief.  I went into work early every morning this week in order to leave early and get errands done before yoga or dinner.  I feel very accomplished although, the list goes on and this week won't be any less hectic.  in addition to my to-do list, I also have a to-see list which is a list of people I really want to see before I head out for 6 weeks.  I managed to do that the past week or two and had the chance to catch up with some school friends, family and my group of closest friends.  last night, court planned a little going away party for me as well as a celebration of her hubby's new job.  we had such a blast- I honestly can't say enough about my amazing friends and family.

today started off with a lovely sleep in and then a productive morning! I ran some errands first thing in the morning and then came home to get ready for katies wedding ceremony! 

pre-ceremony fuel...

eggs and a cheese on a toasted multigrain sandwich thin and blackberries on the side! hit the spot.

after the ceremony- pics to come soon(I only took a few because I didn't have the greatest view), I came home to rest with D but decided I was feeling motivated enough to complete a run.  so, I laced up my runners, grabbed my iPod and hit the trail for my 2nd run of my 10k training.  unfortunately, it started to REALLY rain about half way through so I opted to run more and walk less because I wanted to make it home asap.  I was pretty much soaked, as seen below.

I still really enjoyed expending all my energy and now I'm amped for the wedding reception tonight(I had to deal with my soaked rats nest of hair first)

my run was SUPPOSED to look like this:

*walk for 5 minutes for warm up.
*run 1 minute, walk 2 minutes.  repeat 6 times
*walk for 5 minutes to cool down.

but it ended being all over the place since I just needed to get home but in total it equaled about 30 minutes.

off to the wedding!

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  1. Keep up the good work Morgz! Cross your fingers that I go for a run tomorrow morning!
    Miss you already....