Tuesday, July 26, 2011

my new yoga sanctuary.

nice view, eh? I'm totally diggin' it.  I did a 40 minute ukee summer flow by eoin finn and it rocked.  hope I can still manage to squeeze in time for yoga once school gets crazy! today was definitely information overload so I need to review a bit before going to bed!

can't wait to see my lovelies this weekend!


  1. i miss you sissy!!!!! so do tye and rhys :( glad you are setting in there though. lots of love xox

  2. Amazing yoga spot :) miss you.

  3. miss you all!! thanks for the love- if anyone wants a skype day sometime let me know!! xoxxo

  4. Yah, it's too bad that you have to put up with that view! I'm glad you've found a sanctuary to balance the busy school times ahead. Just remember to use it! ha! Miss you...L. xo