Friday, July 29, 2011

creatures and critters volume 1.

the last two mornings were early ones.. in order to explore two different intertidal areas we had to rise and shine at 4.45(!) in order to catch the low tide.  in return, we saw some awesome creatures.  I seem to never photograph the seriously awesome ones because I am just staring in awe at how cool they are. here are a few shots from the first two field trips... many more to come!!


one of a bazillion anemones.

sea stars and tunicates!

ginormous mussels 


sea star feeding.

anemones and purple encrusted sponge.
stay tuned for "the beaches of the westcoast volume 1"
off to bed. it has been such a long week.

ps.  I miss all of you- sorry, this 14 hour long school day thing is taking a toll on me.  I will message you all when I have the chance.  even better, message me first :) hugs.


  1. Lovely pics lucky girl. M

  2. Great pictures! Thanks for including us in your daily adventures! L xo