Saturday, July 9, 2011

menu planning.

menu planning is sometimes a struggle in our house.  neither of us normally feel like planning out specific meals for each day but we also don't like running into the problem of getting caught without important ingredients for a recipe. so we normally discuss some options for the week(but don't designate certain days for them) and then buy all the groceries accordingly.  that way we know we have lots of options but we can wait until that evening to decide what we feel like and then whip it up.  so here were my meals from the week..

*3 cheese tortellini with rose pasta sauce, prawns and asparagus
*coconut prawns, wild rice and corn
*bbq chicken on a green salad
*pennys palapa- halibut tacos and palapa salad!
*bbq chicken for D, asparagus, yorkshires, and sweet potatoes(I'm aware of how very random this is- but we like to use up all the groceries left over from the week)

for lunches-
*green salad and a fruit salad
*amy's organic bean and cheese burrito (umm hello.. these things are delicious!) with celery and carrots on the side
*leftover coconut prawns and rice with celery and carrots
*heaping serving of peas and carrots I picked up at the farmers market, fruit salad, and a cookie!
*pb & j sandwich and fruit salad

this is my view at lunch.. the beautiful location of my workplace is a serious bonus.

we see seals every lunch hour.. I just love it!

do you plan a menu for the week? what are your go-to dinner ideas when you haven't planned anything and don't want to go pick up any groceries?

happy weekend!

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