Wednesday, July 13, 2011

learn to run.

girls night was a few weekends back and 4 of us decided we were going to run a 10k together next may! I am SO excited for this.  I just want a real reason to train and even though it's a long way away I decided to get a head start on my training now.  I hope that when I'm back in september and anthem is back from calgary that we can all get together for runs as often as possible! just another excuse to get together with my fab friends :)  

training run #1- check!

I am using the 10k training program that brooke posted. my first run looked like this:
warm up- walk 5 minutes(I walked a tad longer because I was trying to get to the trail before I started running)
run 1 minute, walk 2 minutes and repeat 9 times (the program says 8 but I had some extra juice left at the end of 8)
cool down- walk 5 minutes
total: approximately 40 minutes

this walk/run didn't feel like a huge challenge but when I got home I felt satisfied with completing this little dose of cardio.  I want to stick with the program and not rush into the running part in hopes that it actually works and I will be able to do the 10k no problem!

can't wait to have my running buddies with me soon..

the rain ruined my run #2 which was supposed to be today.. oh well. I enjoyed a night in with D and homemade veggie pizza.  also, my quads and hamstrings are fairly sore from my vinyasa flow yoga class last night and 2 walks! with working on my feet all day I can definitely feel the difference in my legs- they tire much quicker! back to yoga tomorrow and then maybe squeeze in my run on friday morning before a fun filled weekend!

night friends.


  1. Good job on the run friend! I hopefully will go for a run today... we will see..

  2. Busy, busy girl...don't sweat the small stuff. Your Mother loves you from afar.