Tuesday, July 5, 2011

book-club, paddleboarding and podcasts.

last week I had a couple firsts.. my first book club meeting as well as my first time attempting stand up paddle boarding.  I realized I let both go undocumented!

my mom and I went stand up paddle boarding in the harbour.  we had such an awesome time! we had a guide that was fabulous and very well educated in all areas of water sports.  mom and I were both instantly hooked- unfortunately, a board costs around $1000.. a little pricey :(  but I think we will both be heading out on the water to paddle again soon! rentals are quite cheap if you only go out for an hour or two.  we didn't get a picture because we were both nervous about bringing a camera considering we were expecting to fall in the water.  so here is a nice example from the website of the company we paddled with...

the only time we got a little wet was when the ferry came into the harbour and created a large wake and we had to paddle into the shore to avoid the waves.  this still ended up with us both in the water.. getting off those board gracefully is a bit challenging!  it was a beautiful evening and I was so content being out on the water in the amazing sunshine- I love this place!

second, book-club!! I did mention the fact that I got invited to join but I didn't follow up after that.  we had our first meeting last wednesday and it was such a hoot.  such a fab group of girls and we had an awesome time discussing books while sharing lots of laughs.  I am so sad that I will miss out on the next two meetings because I'm away for school :(  the first book they are reading is the help..

I have heard a lot of good reviews on this book, so even though I will miss out on the meeting I am still going to read it anyway.
my current read was committed by elizabeth gilbert- unfortunately, I found it quite boring and couldn't really get into it.  as much as I hate being a "quitter" I decided to put it down and start a new book.  life is too short!(and I have a ton of other books on my shelf that are calling my name)  so I was sad to give up on that one but happy to start on my newest read..

georgia's kitchen.  I have a feeling I am going to really like this one.  I only just started it but I'm enjoying it already.  thanks brooke for lending it to me!

lastly, podcasts! these things have been a life saver at the office! I have to do some tedious work and I always have my iPod on hand but I was getting bored of just music.  I mentioned joy the bakers podcasts previously, but I just have to mention them again.  they are AWESOME! I laughed so hard listening to them.  I also found some other good ones on the homefries site.  I have listened to the crush, the table set and the simple mom podcasts and enjoyed all of them!  just wanted to give you the heads up about those! if you ever need to pass some time... :)

well, I'm off to do dishes and bake up a little treat for the evening!
happy tuesday!


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  2. I am also reading 'The Help' right now and LOVE it...enjoy and we will talk about it at some point! Les xo