Friday, June 24, 2011

friday fun.

I took the day off work because I was feeling exhausted from a busy weekend and week.  I needed some time to rest and to catch up on lots of errands.  I did just that. after a little bit of a sleep-in, I picked up a couple groceries and headed to yoga.  after my 75 min class I was feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of my errands.  had the chance to squeeze in a short visit with my parents, drop off D a brownie at work, and visit with my co-workers from my previous job! I miss them so much.  AND the best part ever- one of them invited me to join a book club! I am over the moon excited about that- I have always wanted to join one so I can't wait to get started! can't beat good books and lovely friends.

in other news.. one of my friends introduced me to podcasts a while back.  I started listening and was hooked! it is a nice switch up from music and makes the time fly if you have episodes that really interest you.  I have discussed yoga podcasts before and I absolutely adore them.  other podcasts I love are radiolab and this american life.  okay- it gets better! if any of you read joy the baker, then you will know about her awesome blog and how her posts always manage to make you laugh.  so I just discovered HER podcasts! totally awesome. check it out! I instantly downloaded them all and uploaded them to my iPod. love love love it.

finally, just some other eats from the week. I made a huge pot of soup using the mix pictured below.  it is a spicy thai soup that is really delicious! I simply used veggie broth and added lots of tofu and mushrooms and a squeeze of lemon juice when served.  I would have also added zucchini and broccoli if I had some.

doesn't look overly appetizing- but it sure satisfies the taste buds.

finally, I have heard this idea several times before and again last weekend when I was hanging out with the girls.  it is fake ice cream in a sense- simple blend up frozen bananas and they become fluffy and creamy like ice cream.  I tried it out and was pleasantly surprised! I would love to add berries or cookies to jazz it up next time!

pseudo ice cream

that's all for now! wishing everyone a great weekend!
if you are looking for some weekend recipe ideas- check out brooke's blog for her latest ideas.

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  1. Love the podcast idea with Joy the Baker. I wish I had known about this when I was driving back and forth to Nanaimo. I was contemplating buying audio books to help pass the time while driving but podcasts sound great!