Tuesday, June 21, 2011


a first- a new skill that you mastered for the first time.  derek would always come back from downhill mountain biking and say, "I had two firsts!" aka. he did two new jumps or landed two tricks that were new to him.  I quickly latched onto this concept and would come back from yoga and tell him about my "firsts" that class.  this started a long while back when I was just beginning to really get into yoga.  at that point, I was achieving a first at almost every class.. 

my first headstand..

my first handstand..

my first side crow.. mine wasn't quite as pretty as this. but I'm getting there!

but as time went on and I practiced on a regular basis, I wasn't mastering many firsts because the majority of the poses I had usually tried at one time or another.  now, I have developed a new concept for firsts and I don't classify them as a completely new skill but taking a pose to a new level.   that could include something as simple as a longer hold or even a smile!

for example, some recent firsts include..

*binding my side angle pose

*achieving balance for the complete hold of eagle pose on both sides

*taking my 100th chaturanga of the class with a smile! (maybe not quite 100, but sometimes it really feels like it!)

these simple goals and achievements make my practice that much more rewarding.  I just can't get enough yoga. class today was phenomenal- although it felt kinda like a yoga bootcamp? steph incorporated lots of lovely yogi push ups and core exercises to get us sweatin'.

happy yoga-ing!

*all photos from yoga journal

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