Friday, June 3, 2011

weekly reflections.

some of my random thoughts and reflections from the past week..

*the absolute smallest or minor detail can have such an enormous effect on my mood.  this week, while I was getting very frustrated with a particular computer database program at work, I realized how quickly my mood can shift.  several small acts of kindness this week served as a simple reminder that work isn't everything and it is so crucial to remain focused on the bigger picture! since this has been my first "big girl" job in the biology field I often find myself putting way too much pressure myself.  I am learning to let that go and this week has been a work in progress.

*how am I ever going to work, be a wife, be a mom, be a sister, be a daughter, be a friend.. oh my goodness! how do people do it!? I felt overwhelmed this week while trying to keep up with my work, my fitness, friends and family, cooking, cleaning and trying to find some small amount of time for myself!   I was telling my dad the other day about the vehicle I want to buy when suzy(my volvo) passes on.  I said, "it will be perfect for the dogs!" (dogs that I will have as SOON as I'm not living in a condo)  his response was, "yah perfect for 2 dogs, 2 car-seats with screaming kids and a mother(me) thats looks like she is ready to rip her hair out"  that was a nice reality check :) thanks dad! haha. but seriously- my dad rocks. can't wait for fathers day!!

*people are so incredibly frustrating- why on earth would you dump your tray of cigarette butts in the middle of the sidewalk...? just the same as why you would dump all your garbage on the side of the road..? seriously!

*hot yoga never ceases to amaze me.  I haven't been in the hot room for a couple months and I went to a vinyasa flow class yesterday.  one of my favourite teachers taught the class and she also happens to now be my co-worker! well, she is a powerhouse and just got back from a 11 day yoga retreat where she learned some crazy moves.  needless to say, it was very intense and I was a little nervous about being back in the heat.  once we got going I was amazed with how well I did with her new power moves and the heat.  goes to show- you can do anything you set your mind to. this yoga teacher(I am finding this about a few of my favourite yoga teachers) is someone I really look up to.  she has such a positive attitude, is so incredibly encouraging and has a zest for life that I feel rubs off on me every time I see her.

*its friday- the sun is shining, I have some great weekend plans(primarily, the beach and my book) I am one happy camper- life is good! 


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