Sunday, June 5, 2011

saturday fun.

the weekends always seem to fly by..

saturday was busy as always but I enjoyed every minute.
we had a nice sleep in and a pancake breakie at home and then headed out to meg and tye's so derek could help with yardwork and I could babysit this little man!

enough pictures! :)

I want out!

after that we picked up some munchies and headed to the beach..

gorgeous lantzville beach

perfect afternoon
we relaxed on our beach blanket, ate our lunch, read my book(which I am loving!) and made time for a little bit of beachcombing! there was so many sand dollars and clams. I love the beach.
we watched the hockey game with friends(yay canucks- 2 down!!) and had an awesome bbq dinner- I made some halibut that I had from my last trip on the boat for work.  it was so incredibly delicious! finally, to end the day, I had a really nice catch up visit and coffee date with another friend.  haven't seen her in what seems like forever so it was awesome to catch up!

wishing everyone a relaxing sunday!

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