Tuesday, June 7, 2011

a gorgeous day on the water..

or maybe I should say a gorgeous afternoon. the morning was not so nice- rainy and windy but the sun came out eventually! I had a great day on the water.  I feel so content and satisfied when I'm out there- rain or shine.  we were sampling bycatch from commercial prawn fishing boats.  one prawn fisherman expressed exactly how I feel about being in the field when he said, "any day on the water is a good day." so true! regardless of the fact that it was raining and so chilly in the morning, I had a smile on my face.

laurie hanging out on the boat.

I finished the day off with a vinyasa flow yoga class after work which was fantastic! I can't wait for my acro yoga workshop on saturday! should be awesome :)

D made dinner which was a lovely help- homemade mac and cheese, veggies and corn on the cob. perfect comfort food after a long day. 

hope everyone is having a great week!

oh ps. the BEST part of the day was that we saw 3 orcas within 15 minutes of being on the water this morning! woo woo- along with some other fun catches including a cute little octopus.  I enjoyed sampling this fishery because all the bycatch goes back in the water almost instantaneously and you can see everything swim away! definitely more rewarding.  that is all- good night!

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