Monday, June 20, 2011

oh monday.

monday comes too fast. always. sometimes certain weekends are especially busy and I don't feel I have time to complete everything on my to do list while finding time to relax.

regardless of this past weekend being extremely busy, it was still lovely :) for fathers day we went golfing in the morning and then had a nice dinner at moms in the evening.  I think dad was really excited about his gifts!

after my normal workday, I headed to yoga which was just fabulous as always. filled with lots of planks, chaturangas and spinal twists.  my favourite pose of todays class: dancers pose.

on another note, I stumbled across another great blog- eat save travel. check it out! and one of the bloggers also writes pause the moment which is a travel blog. SO awesome.  eek I have a serious travel bug right now.  really itching to go somewhere- I love reading about travel adventures and they have some great tips.

finally, just wanted to do a quick review on the book I'm reading.

left neglected- so far, so good! I'm loving it.  the author also wrote still alice, which was one of my favourites.  the story follows a successful business woman with a husband and 3 kids that gets in an accident and is left with a condition called left neglect.  I love the way this author writes- I am hooked on her books!

happy monday.

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  1. Gotta love those planks! ;) Also, thanks for the shout out! We appreciate it. Keep in touch...