Wednesday, June 22, 2011


okay people- let's talk vegetables.

I have been trying to brainstorm some creative ways to incorporate more veggies into dinner.  we do eat a fair amount but I need more variety.  I do pretty well with cramming in veggies at lunch because I usually eat a salad or a large side of veggies.

my go-to veggie sides with dinner are corn, sweet potatoes(homemade fries normally), roasted asparagus and mixed green salads. but I really need to switch it up- I am looking for suggestions!

this week I bought a rutabaga that I am to make into rutabaga fries, which I have seen on multiple blogs.  hope it will turn into another one of our frequent sides! also, kale chips are on my list to try.

any veggie that can be made into "fries" is a good veggie in my books! 

rutabaga and sweet potato for fries!

lunches this week have included:

*green salad including lettuce, radishes, celery, cucumber, fresh dill and cheese with a side of strawberries and grapes.

*veggie burger on lettuce with a side of cucumbers and celery.

so any creative veggie side dishes or veggie lunch ideas are more than welcome!!

on a side note.. here is an article of possible interest- aka. the "ocean-lover" in me would really appreciate it if you read this :)   ten things you can do to help heal our oceans

be blue people! the oceans are so valuable.


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