Wednesday, June 1, 2011

sweat it out!

so zumba.. where have you been all my life?? zumba ROCKS! I absolutely loved it :) I was so distracted by the fun of the routines that I didn't even notice how sweaty I was! it is perfect- exactly the type of "fun cardio" I was looking for! 

once I arrived home, exhausted and sweaty, I was ready for a quick and easy dinner.  since D was out watching the game(go canucks go!) I was on my own for eats.

I threw together a quesadilla with a tofu dog, cheese, green onion and salsa.  had some veggies on the side for some extra nutrition. tofu/veggie dogs in quesadillas is my new favourite thing- so delicious.

in other news.. I finally finished the book of negroes.  seriously- did that take me long enough or what? I was quite thankful to put that book down.  I did really enjoy the story but I felt it was a touch too long.  it was hard to stay interested for 500 pages!  

my new read..

yayy! so excited to get into this one.  I snatched it up on sale about a month ago and have been itching to start reading it.  unfortunately, I had to wait patiently because the book of negroes took me forever to finish.  I have a slight feeling this book may be joining me on the beach this weekend! keep your fingers crossed for some gorgeous weather!

i'm out!

ps. canucks- I LOVE YOU! game one- check! three more boys.


  1. I loved Glass Castle. It is a much quicker read than the Book of Negroes! I have always wanted to try Zumba...I should definately look for one here in the valley!

  2. looooooooooove of my life <3
    megs has shown me the link to happiness :)
    your blog makes me smile, when i can't see you everyday of my life. :(
    also... i hope you have an amazing day at work. If it continues to be nice out today... i might have some lovely photos to show you at the end of the day xoxox s.gretz