Wednesday, June 15, 2011

6 things I'm loving now..

*derek and morgans infinite playlist. I stumbled across this cd the other day and couldn't help but smile. I loaded it onto my computer and my ipod. I made this cd for derek almost 3 years ago- it included songs by fiest, sarah mclaughlan, radiohead, jack johnson and a couple others. out first trip away together was to victoria and we stayed overnight and attended some free outdoor concerts including fiest and sarah- we had such a good time and following that I made this cd and included those artists. the others are just some of our favourite road trip tunes. it was a nice surprise to stumble upon it :)

*halls lozenges- so, on the weekend I wasn't feeling quite myself. I had some vitamin c halls lozenges and each individual wrapper had a little inspirational quote on it! how adorable! totally, totally awesome. I'm a sucker for that kinda stuff!

*blazers- I have been searching for one that I really like and I found these two from forever 21. cuteness! I have to order one of them pretty quick. thoughts and opinions? I can't decide!

*the glass castle-- just finished this book and absolutely loved it! definitely a must read if you haven't already.

*my sunroof- even though my car is basically an antique, doesn't have a gas door, has squeaky brakes, has a speedometer that only works when it wants to and several other quirks, I am totally so thankful for my sunroof. letting the sun shine in is wonderful, even if I have to struggle to get the sun roof open from time to time :)

*this post from carrots 'n' cake- oh my goodness, is their pug cute or WHAT! wow.

originally this list was 7 things and I included the sweet video of acro yoga allstars joe and steph doing some AMAZING stuff. unfortunately, that didn't upload and I was really disappointed. I'm sorry :(

game 7 today- eep! keep your fingers, toes, legs, arms crossed so that the canucks win it all!!

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  1. hahah i just laughed so hard from the comment on your car, SO TRUE. that sunroof makes that car all worth it haha.

    and DEF the navy blazer, so cute, it will go with way more, and you can dress it up or down :)