Tuesday, June 28, 2011

we are booked...

have you guessed??

for one week on oahu!! oh my goodness- I am SO excited.  hawaii is in my top 5 places I want to visit so I can't wait to spend some time there.  this is D and I's first trip together out of the country so another reason to get excited and D's first time off the continent! good times await.. I am so glad we did our research and found the perfect area to stay.  we decided to stay in honolulu for a couple nights to do some of the tourist-y things and then we are escaping to a smaller town on the east coast.  the town of kailua and the world famous kailua beach.  we snagged a wicked vacation rental really close to the beach and we plan to just totally veg out. what an adventure it will be.  is it too early to start a countdown?? :)

night friends.


  1. OMG Morgan! I am so jealous! When are you guys going?

  2. so so soooooooooo excited for you guys! tyler wants you to bring him back a coconut bra! haha