Monday, June 6, 2011

thai cooking: part 2

tonight we had our second thai cooking class. last week was awesome but I failed with taking photos.  unfortunately, this week I didn't do much better.  I was just so excited to eat everything and my stomach was growling so I didn't get around to taking pictures of our appetizer salad or dessert :( sorry!
here was the main course: salmon salad with sticky rice.  it was delicious! lots of mint, garlic, chili and cilantro which gave this dish huge flavour!

for an appetizer we had a papaya salad with shrimp which was also awesome! and my absolute favourite was the dessert, sweet sticky rice with mango. SO yummy.  I have had this dessert at my favourite thai restaurant before so I knew what was in store! it hit the spot- my taste buds were seriously satisfied. the lady that taught the classes was phenomenal- this was her last class because she is moving to victoria so she wanted to take a picture with all of us for her cookbook! we gave her our emails and she said she would send us all a copy when she finishes writing it.  she was the best!

in other news.. the darling brooke introduced me to another fabulous blog called a bicycle built for two.  one of their pages is their bucket list.  by far, the BEST bucket list I have ever seen.  I have been developing my bucket list slowly and their list inspired me to start crossing things off.  some of their ideas are so simple yet totally satisfying.

just a few of my bucket list items are:
*go to a yoga retreat
*make a thanksgiving dinner for my loved ones.
*take my mom to the ellen show
*see a jack johnson concert
*buy a home with a laundry room and BIG kitchen :)
*get a dog as soon as humanly possible! (once we sell the condo and buy a home with a big yard)
*spend at least one month volunteering in another country
*watch the sunrise
*travel travel travel! (my list of places I want to visit is much too long to list) :)

what is on your bucket list?

i'm out in the field tomorrow- should be a beautiful day for it!

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