Wednesday, June 29, 2011

top 5.

when it comes to travel.. well I basically adore it.  I feel travelling is a valuable educational experience that is completely irreplaceable by any type of "typical" education.  the opportunities are endless and I feel that it is a totally humbling experience to see the rest of the world.  many people are oblivious to what is out there and ignorant in a sense because they think the only world that exists is the one they are living in.  when in reality, each country, city, or town is one small piece of the puzzle.  I thrive off knowledge and I am always itching to learn something new.  the learning experience of travelling to a new country or even city is one that is indescribably satisfying in my eyes.  sometimes I can feel totally at home, so to speak, in a place that I have just arrived in.

I mentioned that hawaii was in my top 5 places to travel so I figured I would give you the complete list.  I also have a top 10 list and I would honestly like to see as many places as I can in my lifetime.  I hope that I have the opportunity in my time on this planet to not only visit but really learn about the way of life in several different areas on this globe.

so here are my other 4 locations in my top 5 must travel list:

1. the galapagos islands

2. ireland.

3. greece

4. san francisco

obviously, they all have one major thing in common. the ocean.  the diversity in flora and fauna is what really attracts me to many places as well as somewhere rich in culture and history.  the galapagos speaks for itself-  of course I am extremely passionate about marine creatures and just creatures in general so this place is a must see in my opinion.  the geography of all the regions in my top 5 is phenomenal which attracts me to them as well- ocean, mountains, volcanos, beaches- I'm there!!

looking forward to my opportunity to see each of these places, but even more so, I look forward to the places I will stumble upon along the way, that will take me by complete surprise and leave me in awe of their beauty :)

happy travelling friends.  

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