Monday, June 27, 2011

sunday baking.

my monday posts comes to you early today.  I have a busy evening after work so I wanted to get this post in early.

first things first. sunday baking- peanut butter and jelly swirl blondies.  I have made several variations of blondies before but discovered this recipe the other day and thought I would give it a go.

blondies are so so simple and come together so quickly.


straight from the oven.

D and I dug in immediately.  these won't last long in our house :)

while the blondies were baking, I prepped my fruits and veggies for my lunches for the week.  this makes packing my lunch a breeze each evening.   

having my lunch made the night before makes my morning routine that much quicker.  here are a couple other tips for streamlining your morning routine.  I have to be at work shortly before 8 am if not earlier and I like my sleep so anything to get a few extra zzz's is a blessing.

*packing lunch night before and also prepping my breakfast.  most often- overnight oats.  I make them in a tupperware container and eat them when I start my day at the office.  I have been discussing some lunch ideas here and here.

*picking out my outfit the day before- even if I don't lay out the clothes I always have an idea in mind so I don't waste time deciding.

*packing my bag for yoga or zumba with a pre-workout snack the day before.  have everything ready to go at the door in order to not forget it in the morning!

well that's that! off to work I go.
happy monday!

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