Thursday, May 26, 2011

workin' girl.

so as most of you know I landed myself quite a fabulous job for the summer.  in previous posts I discussed the field work I have been doing but I thought I would give you an update as to what I have been working on while I'm in the office.

currently I am doing some lab work on scallops.  scallop surveys were completed earlier this year and the samples have just been kept in the freezer because nobody has had a chance to take all the biological measurements. (insert-ME!) I am actually really enjoying this work- to most it would probably seem really tedious and repetitive.  a couple other biologists that were in and out of the lab today looked like they were doing some interesting work so I asked them what they were working on.  one of them was working with six gill shark pups and the other is doing her masters which is focused on reducing the pollution and emissions generated from aquaculture.  so cool! I loved being surrounded by lots of science nerds! I find it really beneficial to learn about all the projects going on because it exposes me to many other departments and opportunities that I otherwise would have no idea even existed.  the work being done is so diverse and I look forward to hopefully being fortunate enough to work in one of these departments when I graduate. fingers crossed!

so I have been struggling to come up with creative lunch ideas.  any suggestions? while I was in the field all of my meals were prepared for me :) but now I have to get back to prepping lunches to take to work each day.  yesterday I used some leftover pasta and cut up lots of veggies and topped it with balsamic vinaigrette.  this was actually really tasty and filling! I packed in some extra nutrition with an orange and strawberries.

today I made a taco salad(minus the meat) as well as a fruit salad and a muffin! hope that keeps me going until 4.  wishing everyone a great day!


  1. I love reading about how your life and routines have changed since "becoming a working girl". I am so glad you are enjoying your job- you deserve it!!!
    I dunno if you like hardboiled eggs, but I sometimes do that... I love a good sandwich with alfalfa sprouts..

  2. I'm really jealous of your lunch packing skills. Seriously packing lunch is THE worst. I can't even refer to our default (cheese, pepperoni & crackers)cause I'm vegetarian!!

  3. thanks for the suggestions brooke! I love sprouts.. I need to get some of those! I'm glad I'm enjoying it too :) you are so sweet!
    cA- haha I can give you some lessons! I still take crackers and cheese sometimes.. with veggies!