Friday, May 6, 2011

simple pleasures.

I actively try to enjoy the simple things in life. this mug, my latest purchase, helps me achieve exactly that. I love it. I have a bowl by the same artist that my sister bought for me and I purchased this piece earlier this week. yes it says "hold me". I LOVE IT! makes me smile. I think I may be accumulating a lot of her work over the years.. I also get a warm and fuzzy feeling when I buy and support local artists. I also bought a mini painting for carissa for her birthday(its okay she has already seen it) from the same shop. it is seriously cute and says "today is a good day" which I truly believe and feel as though sometimes we need a reminder as to how fortunate we are to simply have the chance to enjoy each and every day. enjoy the simple things!

a few other simple pleasures of the week: lots of long walks, ice cream on the waterfront, chocolate cake(a few servings), yoga yoga yoga, seeing all my beautiful friends and family(including two skype dates!), blog reading, fresh seafood and quality time with my kitchen.

wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

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