Wednesday, May 4, 2011


although our trip was throughout barkley sound, we spent 1 night in bamfield and 2 nights docked in west bamfield. I haven't been there before so it was really nice to check it out! considering I am going to be spending 6 weeks at the bamfield marine sciences centre in july and august. west bamfield has a really cute boardwalk that I walked both times I was there. here are a few pics..

the last picture is the marine station that I will be attending. the campus is quite large with the residences and all the different labs that they have. quite the facility and I am really looking forward to showering myself with a wealth of information while I am there :)

I have really been enjoying my days off while I am home. especially not having school work to do! I went to yoga yesterday and today and have been doing a lot of walking and catching up with friends and family. yesterday, I did a yoga core class and I was SO sore this morning but the hatha flow I did this afternoon made me feel significantly better! of course, helping D out whenever I can with stuff around the house. hope his shoulder heals up fast! may birthday celebrations start tomorrow! Derek's family tomorrow and mine on Friday! I love family time :) more on that to come!

happy wednesday!

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