Tuesday, May 24, 2011

decisions, decisions.

so recently I have been exploring vegetarianism and have excluded meat from my diet for almost a couple months now.  I took the time to educate myself on animal agriculture as well as fisheries and aquaculture.  after doing my research, I think I have made my decision(at least for now).  my main concerns with farmed animal products are of course, the way the animals are handled but also the hormones and antibiotics that the animals are treated with.  while reading eating animals I learned SO much. I have decided to still eat chicken(but less frequently) and only non medicated chicken that I get locally.  these chickens are fed a plant based diet and obviously are not medicated.

being that I am such a "foodie" I feel this is the right choice for me, at least temporarily.  I definitely imagine that I will cut chicken out completely when I am ready.  for now, I feel content with my decision :)  I will continue to not eat red meat, which I excluded from my diet almost 2 years ago.  I feel this is a good balance for now!

that being said! I was dying to try out this new recipe, so here it is.  I got the idea from julie at peanut butter fingers

bbq pulled chicken sandwiches:

this was incredibly simple! I put two chicken breasts (local organic- yay me!) into a crock pot with veggie broth.  I let them cook for 6 hours and then pulled the chicken apart with two forks.  we tossed the chicken with bbq sauce and toasted a couple buns and there yah have it! simple and delicious! the crock pot is my new best friend! and my first corn on the cob of the season was fantastic! 

also, I made some delicious muffins yesterday. check out the recipe- the strawberries kept them so moist and the combination of strawberry, banana and chocolate hit the spot! I love making muffins- so easy and a nice snack to have around the house.

in other news, forks over knives is a documentary I have been meaning to see.  it emphasizes the importance of a plant based diet and looks incredibly interesting.  can't wait to watch it :)

off to work!

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  1. oh my god i want those muffins! strawberries and chocolate complete me.