Saturday, May 28, 2011

my happy place..

pennys palapa.  the best outdoor restaurant in all the land.  mexican goodness (and margarita goodness of course) with this guy..

can it get any better?

right on the water.

happy camper

what a lovely day it was.. and also extremely productive! this was our mid afternoon pit stop that we just had to make.  we adore this restaurant and as soon as the sun made an appearance we made our way down to the waterfront.  the food never disappoints- derek said his meal was the best meal at a restaurant he has had in a long time! and he can be a harsh critic! my meal was amazing as always.. chipotle shrimp burrito with the palapa salad. I was so content sitting in the sunshine with my margarita and my fabulous company.  we caught some more rays after lunch while we walked around downtown and then continued with our day.  needless to say, this was a great saturday date with my darlin'

in other news- it was also very productive as I mentioned.  I have crossed several things off my to-do list for the weekend.  most importantly, the dresser is built! thank goodness and it wasn't TOO much of a pain.  I enjoyed an awesome yoga class this morning, followed by several errands and a nice visit with the beaus after lunch! also had a visit with my parents and saw ange and abby getting ready for abby's kids yoga class.  she LOVES yoga.  and I love that she loves yoga :) 

finally, here are a couple photos from one of D and I's many walks.. this is one of our new favourite routes.  

wishing everyone a lovely weekend!


  1. Sounds like you had an amazing weekend!!! I will have to check out that restaurant next time Im in Nanaimo

  2. Oh, what a lovely day. So happy for you two!

  3. i LOVE that last picture of you two.