Sunday, July 17, 2011


this weekend was a busy one- after a friday night celebration with friends and a wedding on saturday we opted for a semi-relaxing sunday.  I spent the morning catching up with my dad, who just returned from saskatchewan and the evening having dinner with D's parents.  so lovely! I just love socializing.  in between the socializing we managed to be seriously productive around the house.  I got groceries and some last minute things for my trip while derek cleaned like crazy.  without me even asking he offered to do the majority of the cleaning- who could refuse that offer? he said he would do it if I got groceries.  perfect deal for me as I love grocery shopping!

I was going to post some fun pictures from the wedding we attended this weekend but as soon as I took my camera out to start snapping photos at the reception.. my battery died!! ugh, so I'm waiting to receive a few from friends so I will post them when they come in!

in other news, I completed a run today that looked like the run I was supposed to complete yesterday before I got stuck in the rain.  I always get such a boost in energy after I squeeze in some exercise.  back to yoga tomorrow and my last week at work! and a short week at that- wednesday is my last day! I can't believe how fast it has gone.

one week till bamfield...

hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

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