Thursday, July 21, 2011


my last day of work yesterday was wonderful.  I got some really good feedback about the work that I did while I was there and left feeling accomplished and optimistic that I can hopefully work there again sometime in the near(ish) future.  I learned so much during that short 3 months.  derek brought me these home to congratulate me on my last day..

he is the best.  we love having lilies around the house- they last long, smell wonderful and are just plain beautiful. I love receiving flowers and he always picks the best days! things have been pretty crazy around here lately as I'm getting organized to leave so sometimes it's nice to just forget about all the "to-do's" and enjoy time with friends and family.  D and I have a date tonight because it's our last day that we have a chance to spend with each other being that the weekend is filled with a birthday party friday night and a wedding on saturday!

this morning, in celebration of not having to go to work this morning, I enjoyed a non-traditional weekday breakfast.  normally, its overnight oats but this morning I had blueberry eggo's with peanut butter, a little syrup, frozen berries and a banana! delicious! it is a nice treat to switch it up sometimes.

after breakfast, errands(including getting my passport photo taken and going to the passport office), I met my mom and dad for a coffee date! mom brought me these two little treasures home from her trip.  this tea towel is the jam!! it says:

I am not a chef
I did not attend 
le cordon bleu 
I don't wear 
a puffy hat
I cook
for my family
my friends
I am not a chef
I am a cook

I absolutely love it! I'm not sure if I am a very good "cook" just yet, but I really am trying! and this bowl is awesome- I already have a plate and another bowl that are the same brand.  they are made out of recycled material, which is right up my alley and they are super funky.  I need to pick up a couple more so I can make a whole set!

anyways, it has been a wonderful week.  lots of socializing- including megs 30th birthday- shout out to her!! I managed to squeeze in a fab yoga for athletes yoga class on monday and a vinyasa flow on tuesday.  today I'm headed to the studio for my last class until I return in September- how sad!! I hope to squeeze in a run tomorrow and possibly zumba on saturday.

just wanted to touch quickly on what my plan is in terms of blogging while I'm away.  I will try my best to post a few times a week, but I don't get my schedule until I start class on monday.  I am going to be extremely busy out there but I will make time for the blog whenever I can.  be patient and I will do my best!



  1. Love the goodies! Wear is the bowl from??? Super cute! I am gonna miss you friend, but I hope to see you on the long weekend!

  2. oo well the bowl is from regina but I think you can get them at some fancy kitchen store in comox! let me look into that! the brand is called zak I think. I'm going to miss you :( yes I really really hope so!

  3. Good blogging in the last few days scarves and socks! 6 weeks-oh my gosh!