Sunday, July 31, 2011

west coast beaches part 1.

an early morning on brady's beach...

an equally early morning sample collection at scott's bay..

and a glorious friday afternoon, saturday and sunday afternoon at pachena bay. saturday wasn't so nice but I had my fabulous friends that distracted me from the rain.  

it has been an all around crazy weekend! insanely busy here at the station- we had lab work to do yesterday but then we realized that the water pipe had broken that circulates fresh sea water to all the animals in our lab.  huge problem! we had to haul up buckets of water from the shore to keep our creatures cool and happy.  after multiple trips, the pipe was finally fixed.  BUT then the internet was down.  all seems to be good now! I managed to squeeze in a short yoga practice yesterday morning before the water crisis.  then I spent time doing lab work and my friendsies came to the station to pick me up for an afternoon/evening at their campsite.  so glorious to spend some time with them- i love my friends!

off to do laundry and a little yoga!
missin' everyone at home- hope you are all well, thinking about each and every one of you!

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