Saturday, April 16, 2011

yoga day.

a local yoga studio that I go to on a regular basis hosted a yogathon to raise funds for amnesty international.  what a great cause- I wanted to thank all the lovelies who sponsored me to participate in this event.  derek, mom, dad, teddy, les, bucky and gramma, meg and tye.   thank you all SO much. the studio appreciated every penny.  

they had a great set up: lots of drinks, fruits, snacks and I brought these double banana chocolate chip breakfast bars.  apparently they were good? I didn't taste one because I wanted to leave them all for the participants.  every class you entered you had the chance to put your name into a draw for some wicked prizes.  they had it so well organized and everyone was so upbeat and the atmosphere in the studio was fantastic.  there is something to be said about a room full of yogis all there to share their energy and raise awareness for equality and rights of women and children. 

unfortunately, I had to work today so I could only participate in three classes.  the three I participated in were: rise and shine yoga, vinyasa flow and then the last class of the day was fun, flight and funk vinyasa.  GOOD TIMES! what a great way to spend a few hours.  next year i'm in for all 8 classes!!

I can't imagine life without yoga- most recently it has taught me so many amazing things.  patience, awareness, gratitude and an appreciation for my whole self.  I have really gotten into my practice lately and it helps me get through each day.  I love that when I am on my mat, I know I have nowhere else to be and can completely indulge in a little time just for myself.  

I dedicated my practice today to:
a.) equality and happiness for all beings (human and otherwise) don't forget those whales!!
b.) to all the lovelies who sponsored me!

here is the process of making the double banana chocolate chip breakfast bars- which are vegan because the recipe uses dark chocolate.  great vegan treat!

hope everyone is having a great weekend!
I'm exhausted to say the least and still alice is calling my name. busy day tomorrow!


  1. SO proud of you morgie for participating! what a wonderful cause for sure. glad you enjoyed yourself and hope you have a super day today! xox

  2. Good for you Morgan - you are a busy lady and still find time for things that are important to you. Yoga on!! M

  3. Your whole self is in alignment with yoga...your kindness, humility, and grace shine through for all to see. Thank YOU! L xo