Thursday, April 7, 2011

basking in the sunshine.

[swinging my worries away]

the sunshine today was gorgeous! unfortunately- the day started with some really bad news about my education at VIU(or non-education as it stands). very frustrating. but the day got better. highlights included- a morning of shopping home decor stores to accessorize jess's new apartment(got myself a few good bargains too!), a starbucks caramel apple spice in the sunshine, a visit to the park with steff, megs and rhys, and a hatha yoga class. all in all- a good day. just wish my whole semester of work wasn't going down the drain..
I have been keeping up well with my goals for the week. vegetarian diet is going well and I have had the opportunity to enjoy a yoga class every day so far this week. I even slipped in a hot yoga class bright and early on wednesday morning.

after finishing eating animals, I picked up love the one you're with by emily griffin. scored this one at the library and decided to give it a try. so far, so good. a nice easy read which is always nice before bed. I needed something light as eating animals was quite intense(but well worth it)

it's almost weekend time! although every day is a weekend for me lately.

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