Thursday, April 14, 2011

a non-guilty pleasure

heyyy everyone! so even though i have recently been on a blogger’s hiatus, i made these cupcakes today and hadddddd to tell someone about them! 

i seen this recipe on the show, cook yourself thin and decided i needed to try them.  i LOVE cupcakes, but always feel so guilty making them. i cannot say enough good things about these:
- they have little sugar, little flour and no butter or oil.
- they have a heaping cup of sweet potato in them, so you get a vegetable serving!
- the recipe only makes 12, because who really wants, ahem, i mean, needs, 40 cupcakes.
- AND best part- they are delicious and do not taste like some phony, bland weight watchers treat.

anddd they look adorable!



  1. Hey, you're back. Good job with the cupcakes, they look pretty yummy. A

  2. cute!!! those looks awesome- and did you take those pictures because they are equally as awesome! missed you! xoxox M.

  3. Oh those cupcakes look awesome!!!!