Thursday, April 21, 2011

playoff eats.

first things first. on my walk home from school today I stopped to take a picture of a heron but it flew away just as I took the picture. can you spot it? I love herons- and they hang out at this park by our place on a regular basis.

now for the food:

[i love my mixer]

sweet potato fries:

I have attempted these fries SO many times. I always feel as if they just aren't quite right. I have tried several temperatures, cooking times, spices, yams and sweet potatoes. FINALLY, I got it just perfect. use sweet potatoes(which I recently learned taste better and are more nutritious if you leave the skins on) cooked at 450 for 30 mins. flip them half way through. I simply put olive oil, salt, pepper and chili powder on them before baking. sweet potato fries are now the perfect side to any meal. I love them!
another tip: yams and sweet potatoes are often mislabelled at the grocery store. yams are larger and usually darker in colour.

the dip was great! although, very very spicy. I think next time I would use green chillies instead as they aren't quite as hot. but derek quite enjoyed it! for dinner we shared the dip, sweet potato fries and I also had half a red pepper chopped up for some extra veggie goodness. a delicious appy dinner!

yay for long weekend! although mine will be a long weekend of homework. five.more.days. ugh.

happy weekend!

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