Monday, April 4, 2011

early birthday present..

YAY!! it is allllll mine!!!

I absolutely love it- derek was going to paint it a light purple colour for me but I just couldn't wait to use it so for now I am going to leave it white! isn't she cute? I found this one on craigslist for quite cheap and it was brand new in the box- score! derek and I drove down to vic to pick it up. so so excited to finally have one- now the baking really begins.. :)

we were going to spend the day in vic but decided to just head home since we weren't feeling like dealing with the victoria parking and traffic. we made a short stop in cowichan bay to stretch our legs and get a treat from the bakery!

my treat: cheese whirl

mmm so yummy! the bakery there is amazing and they have a specialty local cheese shop and an amazing ice cream store. I could just spend my afternoon there eating!

hope everyone has a lovely week!

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