Tuesday, April 19, 2011

dreaming of summer..

with school being so crazy right now I find myself periodically(okay maybe more than periodically) day dreaming about summer..

things I am seriously looking forward to:
*long summer evening walks
*long summer evening walks with ICE CREAM!
*summer bbq's with friends and family
*corn on the cob-mmm delicious.
*farmers market produce
*weddings :)

also, a break from the books will be just lovely! but I am really looking forward to my course in bamfield that starts in July. and my awesome summer job! should keep me very busy. derek and I are also planning a little trip to the sunshine coast which I can't wait for! I haven't been to that area before.

hope everyone has a great week. I am still finding myself swamped with school work but it will all be over in ONE short week! thank goodness. looking forward to yoga helps me get through my day. had a great class yesterday that left my hips a little sore and a vinyasa flow class today. yay for yoga!


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