Sunday, September 25, 2011

blogging break... for real.

hi my friends-

life is busy. really busy.  so i'm going to have to say goodbye for now.

I really hope to be back once things slow down a little bit.  how can I resist telling you about hawaii?! thank you all for reading- I appreciate all the comments that you have given me over the past year(almost!). I really enjoy blogging but lately it has become more of a hassle.  I want to spend my extra time doing the things I love including baking, yoga and enjoying this beautiful island but I simply don't have the time to document them right now.

if you need some lovely blogs to read- check out my favourites.  some other ones I read on a regular basis are
*from the aisle to aloha
*a bicycle built for two
*a cup of joe
*oh happy day
*betcha can't eat just one

there. that should keep you busy for a while! hope to be back soon.
lots of love.

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