Wednesday, September 7, 2011

book review.

so I'm back to bookclub this month and I read the book for september while I was away in bamfield.

a complicated kindness...

I wasn't overly thrilled by this read- I couldn't get into it but I wanted to finish it for the sake of discussion at book club.  I think I was distracted with things going on at school so I found myself distracted by my to-do list while I was attempting to focus on this book.  I have heard so many amazing reviews but maybe it just isn't my kinda book? I tried, what can I say! onto the next read.. perhaps the help? or water for elephants? or sarahs key? I want to read them all but can't decide!

I wish I had more time and energy to read.  I find it so relaxing and it always takes my mind off real life. I'm thinking I should make scheduled time during the week for reading!

I'm off to bed- early, I know.  I had a long day at school and I think the heat is getting to me.  after zumba I just wanted to collapse I was so tired.  BUT my first zumba class after being back was definitely fantastic.  I missed it! I think I missed pretty much everything about home.. it feels great to be back.

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