Tuesday, September 6, 2011

first day back at school.

I love september- something about the structure of getting back to routine puts me totally at ease.

today was a fabulous first day back- I only had one class which was an added bonus, got up early for a run/walk with the girls(we missed you brooke!), then went to my first yoga class since I have been back.  all in all a fantastic day.  in the one class I had today, we were assigned a project that will take me back to bamfield for a couple days! I absolutely can't wait- we are working on the official community development plan for the bamfield area and I am ecstatic about it! bonus! I will get to see a couple of my biology friends when we stay at the marine station for a night.  yay for more fall adventures!

I have also been thoroughly enjoying making all my own meals at home. no more cafeteria food! thank goodness. it is so nice to not have scheduled meal times and being able to eat what I want, when I want! I was back to overnight oats this morning and then little snacks throughout the day, which I much prefer over a big lunch.  I also got a wonderful gift from a fab friend...

holy crap! I can't wait to mix this in with my oats tomorrow morning! I have the best friends ever :)


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