Sunday, September 11, 2011

back to reality.

this weekend I was back to work and back to homework.  these past few days just flew by.. and went undocumented.  I haven't been overly interested in taking photos lately but I did snap a couple on friday...

aren't these flowers GORGEOUS? my mom and I each got a bouquet like this at the farmers market. so beautiful.  I just stare at them whenever I am home.

I also picked up zucchini, red peppers and cherry tomatoes at the farmers market to make veggie kabobs for our friends friday night.  I also made prawn kabobs with a simple lemon garlic marinade.  delicious!  all this time spent in the kitchen went undocumented as I mentioned.  we had a great time catching up with friends though and celebrating ash's birthday.

on friday I also received this adorable package in the mail..

I ordered a watch on etsy and she wrapped it up in a super cute box.  I love getting parcels in the mail :)

other weekend highlights included:
*dads birthday dinner- I love mexican food! and a nice walk on the waterfront with the fam
*a couple episodes of joy the baker podcast while I peeled shrimp, chopped veggies and folded laundry.
*banana pancakes for dinner
*a movie night with D- we watched love actually.  obviously, it was my turn to pick the movie :)

this heat lately has also been getting to me.  I hope it cools off this week so my house no longer feels like a sauna and I can actually exercise outside without having to get up really early.  that being said, I have been enjoying my morning runs with the girls.

hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

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