Tuesday, September 20, 2011

a wonderful weekend.

this weekend was BUSY! but so, so awesome.  since I didn't have my car on friday, and I had the day off school, I had a chance to catch up on stuff that needed to get done around the house.  I went to yoga, attempted to make homemade granola and made cupcakes for brooke's birthday(gluten and dairy free!).  after a day at work on saturday we drove up island to celebrate brooke's birthday.  and did we ever celebrate.  it was such a great time! the only bummer was that I had to work the next morning.

we all contributed to a pot luck for dinner before we went out- we had halibut, quinoa salad, asparagus and a goat cheese and beet salad.

this week has been off to a good start- yesterday I had a great yoga class that left my abs and legs in the state of jello and this morning I went for a morning run with the girls.  tonight I am off to a vinyasa flow yoga class and then I am making cheesy sweet potato crisps and oven fried fish for dinner.  hope everything turns out!

hope to be back for a post later this week.
happy tuesday!

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