Friday, October 21, 2011

back in the blogosphere.

Hi lovelies (if I have any readers left after my blogging hiatus),

I think I'm back!! it was nice to have a break and I'm feeling excited about getting back into the blogosphere.  my schedule is just as busy so I have set out some guidelines for blogging.  I will aim for posting 3 days a week- more or less depending on my work load at that particular time.

so let's get started with some things I'm loving lately:

*fall- oh my goodness. fall on the island is so gorgeous.  I take the time every time I pass the park by my house to look at the trees. this picture(that I did not take-thanks tourism nanaimo) sums up the beauty.

*book club.  especially this months book. the pact which I read in 4 days on my holiday to hawaii. a great read- I highly recommend this book and I think I will read another one of her books soon.

*8tracks. my current favourite playlists: change in the weather and when the wind blows, we fly

*my kitchen. seriously, time spent with my kitchen aid mixer is time WELL SPENT :) I made some delicious cookies yesterday and I will share the recipe soon.  I have been throughly enjoying cooking up a storm in the kitchen this week. I have some delicious recipes planned for the weekend

*these nails from cupcakes and cashmere.. if only I had the time for that.


now I'm off to hot yoga- perfect ending to a rainy day :) happy weekend my friends!


  1. Welcome back - I love it! M.

  2. Yay! Morgie-world has reopened...=) L.

  3. holy freaking shit morgan. my nails are painted exactly like that right now, and i never even that post. weeeeeird & true story. in more exciting news, so happy you are back blogging :)