Wednesday, October 26, 2011

warning: these are addictive.

make them.share them.

mmm chocolate deliciousness.

get the recipe at smitten kitchen.  I think this was one of the first recipes I ever bookmarked and now a year later I finally made them.  well, they were worth the wait.  they were really easy to make, using simple ingredients and I really liked the aspect of refrigerating/freezing the dough so you can just make as many as you want to.  I baked half the dough the same day and then the next half a couple days later.  perfect cookies for sharing! after making these cookies once, I think I could make them again just by memory and that makes things so much easier- rather than looking at my laptop every 30 seconds to read the ingredients or what to do next.  I love baking without a recipe! these cookies might be delicious with a little peanut butter added into the mix :)  I'm a major sucker for peanut butter/chocolate combo.

other happenings in the kitchen this week:

buttermilk biscuits from and now for something completely delicious...

biscuit for you!

well these were simple and they turned out great! all flaky just like a biscuit should be.  

happy baking my friends.

it is just crazy what a little baking can do for my mood.  I will have a stressful/crappy/frustrating day and come home feeling a little down.  as soon as I put on some good tunes, get my baking supplies out and start prepping, I am one happy girl.  what would I ever do without baking and yoga.  I went to such a rockin' vinyasa flow class on tuesday night so after that and my morning run my legs were pooched.  tonight zumba and bookclub on the agenda!

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