Saturday, October 29, 2011

11 things I'm grateful for.

one of my yoga teachers recently finished her blissology yoga training and she has been teaching us all about it each tuesday.  I am totally loving it- there are all these other aspects to the philosophy than simply yoga.  each week we learn about a new aspect or pillar to this philosophy.  in previous weeks it has been, meditation, food appreciation and nature appreciation.  the last pillar, which we are exploring this week, is gratitude.  during the beginning of class she talked about gratitude and how we should be so thankful for all the wonderful things we are blessed with.  each day it is important to be grateful for those simple things that keep us going.  so in honour of that- here are 11 things I'm grateful for this week.

1. extra long savasana
2. my pink spatula- I baked up a storm this week.
3. the fact that I fit into a kids skirt at value village that I found for my halloween costume
4. the chocolate cookie that jess delivered to me before class on thursday morning.  you betcha I ate it at 8.30 in the morning.
5. all the delicious cheese i devoured at wine fest. the wine too i guess- yah that was good.
6. prompt email replies.
7. free soy upgrades and discounts for reusable mugs at starbucks.
8. a long evening walk- a long, cold evening walk. in the dark. but it was great because I had the best company.
9. skype dates
10. evenings without homework.
11. my friends and family. as always. they are the best ever and keep me going.

I am also so grateful to have had such a wonderful holiday.  I tend to day dream about it from time to time...

I am also grateful for nerds night out last night.  we had such a great time. 

morg and jess- the best biology study buddy. 

what are you grateful for?


  1. Well you know what numero ono is!! M

  2. god, you are so cool. i'm thankful for my lovely little friend, that always reminds me what is most important :)

    ps- inappropriate comment derek haha