Tuesday, January 10, 2012


highlights of the weekend:

*saturday morning rise n shine yoga pretty much got my weekend off to the best start.  I was so busy over the holidays that yoga was on the back burner but it feels so good to get back into it.  last nights yoga for athletes kicked my butt.  I can definitely tell this riding my bike to school is really taking a toll on my quads and the yoga and running that I do is that much more challenging.  I'm sure with time this will pass as the commute to school on my little bicycle gets easier and easier.  saturday after yoga and spending some time with abby at the library, I laced up my runners for a 6k jog around westwood with anthem.  we did intervals- 10min run, 1 min walk and I found that worked really well for me.  having that 1 min to look forward to was great motivation and always seemed to come at the perfect time.  saturday ended just as lovely as it started with a pizza party and great company.

*sunday was FAB! first stop... shine cafe!

D and I have been patiently waiting to try this restaurant in victoria.  we have heard so many awesome things about all the delicious variations of eggs benny they have and it did not disappoint! we got up bright and early sunday to head down to vic before the sunday brunch rush started at shine.  my benny was loaded with veggies- avocado, tomato, spinach, onion, pepper- and topped with a chipotle hollandaise.  YUM!! my taste buds were content.  unfortunately, the other restaurant we had planned for our venture was closed for lunch :( hopefully we can make another trip soon to try some more victoria restaurants on our list.

*shop shop shop.  our other purpose of the victoria trip was to hit up mec and lululemon for some gear.  I needed lots of biking gear/accessories and D needed a few things for mountain biking as well.  we got some awesome loot! these are my two favourite items that I picked up... the rain pants, shoe covers and fenders weren't overly exciting but very useful!

this headband/toque/earwarmer thing is so awesome!!! I used it for my past two days of riding and it kept my ears and head nice and toasty which is great for these chilly days.  I also used it for my run today- definitely worth picking one of these up if you are out in the elements on a regular basis.  love the purple too :)

these lululemon no show running socks are fantastic.  D and I each got some. they have a little cushion that you can see on the back to protect your heel.  marvellous!

this weekend was a good one. now I am looking forward to celebrating my moms birthday tomorrow- woop! happy tuesday everyone.


  1. You are as pretty as a picture. Love you. Xo.

  2. Sounds like a pretty awesome weekend friend!!!