Monday, January 23, 2012

weekend love.

this weekend was filled with many wonderful things.  including lots of food-

cheesy quinoa bites

D wanted me to feature his dinner on the blog.. so here it is :) he only ate about half the steak, along with some wings, salad and quinoa bites.

we also picked up a nice loaf of cheese, herb and garlic bread from cobs bakery for a nice weekend treat.  this made some mouth watering grilled cheese sandwiches! so delicious

a dad's rootbeer- this made for a perfect saturday night homemade meal.

and sunday night- crispy shrimp tacos...

other weekend highlights included:
*a brunch date with the girls.  I especially loved when our server told us to "come up for air" because we were so chatty.  a massage, a sloppy, slippery 6k run, downtime with D and a coffee date with m & d. all in all a great weekend but I probably shouldn't have procrastinated on the homework.. going to be a busy week!   

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