Tuesday, January 31, 2012

book review + january review.

I just finished(and by finished I mean gave up 40 pages before the end because I couldn't stand it any longer) extremely loud and incredibly close.  initially, it was really dull and I was confused.  since I am about as stubborn as they come I didn't want to give up- I powered through slowly but surely until I decided I had given it a fair chance and had wasted enough time.  now.. I look forward to the movie, which I have heard is phenomenal! absolutely can't wait to see it. take a peak at the trailer...

and january.  january just flew by.  I can't believe I have already completed 1/3 of the semester although I know the hardest is yet to come.  so far I have managed to juggle work, school, and life and hope I can manage for the next few months.  I still manage to find time for yoga, running and time in the kitchen.  one of my favourite things about january is my bicycle.  I have come to love it and look forward to my ride to and from school each day.  excitement awaits for february.. reading week, birthdays and a trip to the westcoast to relax and rejuvenate.  maybe a little surfing too.  all good things- for now I have to keep my eyes on the prize and work hard during these next few months until I have only have 2 MORE CLASSES TO COMPLETE FOR MY DEGREE!!! happy days.

what was your favourite thing about january?

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