Friday, January 6, 2012

this week in the kitchen.

early this week, derek requested homemade chicken strips for dinner.  I loosely followed this recipe and they turned out perfectly.  I have now learned the trick to breading anything with panko bread crumbs is to coat it in FLOUR then egg and then finally panko.

since the chicken strips were such a success, I decided to use a similar technique on fish to make some fish tacos.  I still have some cod from my summer surveys and thawed a piece of that before getting to work.  I had three bowls- one with whole wheat flour, one egg, and one panko bread crumbs mixed with taco seasoning.  I dipped small pieces of fish in the flour, then egg, then panko and baked then at 400 for roughly 15 mins flipping halfway through.  cooking time varies depending on thickness of the fish.  I served these on hard corn taco shells with lettuce, green onion, chopped red pepper, sour cream and lots of fresh lime.  DELICIOUS.  so fantastic- unfortunately I didn't snap pictures of either of these meals.  sorry...

I have a few lovely recipes I am itching to try next week, hope they turn out!  I am kind of on more of a cooking kick rather than baking these days.. I think because I am still on sugar overload from christmas.  I'm sure baking will resume shortly!

I would really like to attempt to make this...


I think I would forever be in D's good books if I made him a loaf of this... :) happy weekend!

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